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Aarva’z Music and the band which consists of eight- piece band and live orchestra –Make the most of this season and provide you a joyful environment where you can dance and sing. It is the most loved festival within the Gujarati community.


Indian Live Music Band

Live Musical Band is very trending and commons nowadays, whenever people organised an Events and shows for any function, having a live Musical Band make the events and the shows make it special and personalized.


Indian Cultural Events

Aarva’z Music provide majority of the services to Cultural events as it is best way to integrate with our client’s audiences. Aarva’z Music provide range in Cultural shows which includes Bollywood night or Sufi-rock consents, fusion instrumental, DJ’s services.


Navratri Events

Aarva’z Music and band will make your Navratri magical as we specialized in Gujarati music for Garba and Dandiya Raas with Wide collection of authentic music for all Gujarati occasion, Aarva’z Music and band will make your Navratri rocking and special,

Bollywood Night

When it comes to an Indian Live Music, Bollywood Songs plays a primary role. As Live music services provider, Aarva’z Music is well known and has great experience in Bollywood night; we do offer a standard the whole package of 4 to 8 pieces band.The sheer energy and versatility of Bollywood song, we have quality.



Aarva’z Music has a Sufi rock called an “Aarva’z Band” that performs many of our clients, the Sufi music traditions music; it become very became widely popular in the late 1990s in India. Aarva’z band is outstanding singing Sufi- Rock music and Nirav Thakkar is the Main singer of Band who is extremely talented and passionate about singing.


Wedding Events

Indian weddings are incomplete without music.How about making this union of soul mates even more special by having soulful music accompany every event of the wedding… from mehndi to engagement to wedding to the reception night.


We know organizing event can be very intimidating and never racking especially when the events or a show is very personal and close to your heart.

Therefore it’s our mission to make it easy for you to find amazing live musical band for your event, the musicians and singers should be well performed and professional.  We take care of each and every detail of events from the selection of the song or the themes of events and how many pieces band the events needs.


Aarva’z Music has some YouTube videos, where you can see Aarva’z Band performing with Nirav Thakkar. I think having a video it is useful for clients to decision making, as its displays the band’s professionalism and expertiseIt also displays an accurate representation of how the band looks, and how they will perform. Watching the video and listing to the video of singer, you can help you making a decision if the band would be suitable for your event and if they have the right sound. We have the option to book an acoustic duo version of the band; it’s for perfect for wedding ceremonies or champagne receptions.

Nirav and Aarvaz band have been preforming live music shows and events for many experienced years.   Recently, in 2017 Nirav and his Aaravz band was awarded by “World Records India” for his preformed in Raas Leela (Nine Night of Navratri).

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