Indian weddings are incomplete without music. How about making this union of soul mates even more special by having soulful music accompany every event of the wedding… from mehndi to engagement to wedding to the reception night.

Aarva’z band will make your wedding function a memorable affair for you and your family for entire lifetime. We will set up the atmosphere at your wedding event with great music, fun and frolic.


Wedding is very important occasional, at Aarvaz Band will ensure you and your Guest have memorable events that there will talk about for years and years.


Without Music an Indian weddings are incomplete, we specialised organises a unique and special live Musical show for dandiya Raas or main wedding and reception party. We do ensure your guests are entertained and have time of their life! So, Your Wedding with my Live Music band we will the weddings are exclusive and special.

We know the importance of this function, so I want your event to be that memorable. We can personalist all tracks that set up the atmosphere of your event by adding energy when needed. With our live music talent, we can assure you that we will keep your event energized with great music and fun.


Booking us now the right wedding You can make a huge difference in your wedding reception; I have the best music collection to get you on the dance floor. With years of experience and with varieties of tracks. Wedding is a significant occasion, Aarvaz Band, will ensure that you and your Guests will

Have a memorable stage show that will be spoken of for the many years to come.